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  The Answer or Just More Questions?

If you have been following the development of this web site, you have noticed the number of visitors on a daily basis has increased dramatically. With this, has also come a lot of emails, about my site being the answer to some long unanswered questions. Thank you for your compliments, but please read on...

Please let me offer the following scenerio, possibly in answer to some future questions:

You are new to an area and are not feeling your best. You would like to see a doctor to help you get back to feeling your best. In asking around to some of your new found friends, you are given the names of 5 doctors.

Now these doctors all have the same number of years experience...they all have trained at the same medical college...they are all approximately the same age...same personna...so, from all the people that have suggested you see them...they are all the best, at what they do, since the coming of the horse.

You phone one doctor and try him...you are not satisfied with what he has told you...you try the second...then the third...then the fourth...then the fifth...you come away shaking your head wondering what those "friends" supposedly found in the doctors they reccommended you go and see. The doctors were of no help to you at all.

For some reason you happen upon a name and try this "one last" doctor...things start happening...good things...you feel better...your life starts getting back to where you were before...full of life...energy...laughter...love ...compassion.

Upon checking, you find out that this last doctor you saw, had the exact same criteria (training, experience, personna, etc.) as all the other 5 doctors...so why could this "one last doctor" help you and those other doctors could not???

It was not the right time...you were not ready for the healing(finding the right answer) to take place. There were some unresolved issues that got in the way of your healing while you were seeing those "other" doctors. Now, perhaps, some of those questions have been addressed.

So it is the same with me, and the information I am imparting. You have probably heard some other people trying to share with you similar information, perhaps in a different format, in different surroundings, with different people, different parameters and at a different time. It just was not the right time yet. That is how the spirits work!!! That is how they teach!!! Never giving up!!!

Remember the radio...well it would not do the spirits very much good to be broadcasting on one frequency all the time...when you are not listening to that specific frequency...so they must find "the" one that you are listening to.

At this specific moment, the spirits are using me to help with your questions...

Remember, that once you have found "an answer",that is the start to more questions...never stop asking questions...as long as you are here on this earth, you will always have questions, so...is this