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To Walk In A Good Way

You will probably find many people searching for among other things; peace of mind, that one special way of life, the golden apple on the tree of life... they do not recognize that what they are searching for is and has been within them all along.

Whatever you are searching for, that search has to begin inside of you. It does no good to search for peace of mind if you yourself are not at peace with all things around you...to search for that special way of life if you are so set in your ways, you are not willing to accept any sort of change...to search for the golden apple on the tree of life if you are not sure what the tree looks like.

It would be the same as putting your car or truck up on blocks, getting in, starting the motor, putting it in gear and wondering why it is not going anywhere. The journey is within...so let us start talking about this journey. To some the search may be called a path, red road, rainbow road, enlightenment, oneness...among many other names. I will use the word way.

There is a phrase you may hear quite a bit of, if you are around Native Americans and that is to walk in a good way. This means to try and understand all things that are in and around you. By understanding all things you will see how they all fit together in the fabric of life. This will lead you to treating all things...creatures, nature and people as being like brothers and sisters to you...for in fact they are that.

If you came from a large family with many siblings and instead of getting along with them you started to undermine them, in order to make yourself seem more important, you would be establishing the decline of that family. The same is true with nature and other people.

Walking in a good way means that you should bring forth compassion and understanding in to every corner of you life. This is not as easy as it sounds...for if it was then there would not be any more armed conflicts, drive by shootings, rape, molestation and so on.

If you were to happen upon a person that would appear to be down and out...you may make a quick judgment about that person and their situation in life. But that person at that particular moment when you saw them, might be doing the very best that they could possibly do, at that moment. So one of the very first pieces of baggage that you will need to do away with is judgment. If you have not walked that proverbial mile in their shoes, then please do not pass judgment. If you have walked that mile and still feel compelled to think judgmental thoughts, then please revisit your inner thoughts as to what you hold of true value.

To walk in a good way is to be open to all things that are interacting with you every minute of every day for as long as you are with us. This is a constant chore...it is not easy, for things are always changing. Just when you think you may have the handle on something, another variation comes in to play and you may have to take a different posture. Treat everything, no matter what it is, as though it has life energy, because in all fact it does. I am sure you would not like anyone to hurt the heart of you or your loved ones. Is that not correct??? Then please take into consideration others, even if you do not like them. If you have respect for them, they will have respect for you.

Now you see how the way is built. So...keep the way clear of obstacles and straight, and your journey will be a smooth one. May the Creator always smile upon you on your journey.