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Interesting Contacts

Piqua Press
You may find what CLS and WHR have to offer as being different, ...positive, and mind stretching...he is leader of the Hawk Clan of his people.

Keith Chiefmoon
If you are ever in Alberta, Canada and wish to meet a spiritual person you may never forget...please contact Keith. There are many names or titles he has been called, suffice it to say he is a unique person. I will always carry with me his teachings of the sundance and its way of life.

Should your interests follow along the lines of Native American history. Speaks Lightning is the editor of Spirit Talk News in Kalispell Montana. He is the author of Suppressing American Indian Spirituality: A Winter Count, Indian Issues, Indians of the Pacific States: A wWinter Count of the Indian Nations of Washington, Oregon and California and Winter Count 1997. Speaks Lightning is a wealth of information.

Two Crow
If you are traveling through the SouthWest, specifically the Silver City area and wish to speak with a true friend and common man of Mother Earth, then please contact Two Crow. He runs purification lodges, fasts and counsels people of all walks.

BearCloud Gallery
If you wish to visit the spirit world through the eyes of a wonderful artist and you can not visit his Sedona Arizona gallery in person, the next best thing is over the internet.