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Laying Of Hands On

The Laying On Of Hands is a very powerful tool and the request should not be taken or made lightly.

The individual that has requested this work should be open to all things that they will experience during this event. The spirits know of no boundaries, so what they will be presenting may not fit into the parameters we have set out for ourselves. This is why I say you should be open to all things presented to you.

Time Frame: there has been no set time frame as to how long this may take. The shortest period has been 35 minutes and the longest has been 2 hours and 20 minutes.

What is Required: The main ingredient is a complete quietness in the surroundings. There can be any number of people present(supporters). They must remain totally quiet and stay in their places until the event is completed. These supporters should not leave the room or make any distracting movements or noises while the hands are being laid on the individual. I can not reiterate enough how dangerous this can be for the individual receiving the assistance.

I will not be saying but two words over and over during this time frame. The rest of the time the individual will be experiencing what the spirits feel is necessary, for that person to cope with their situations.

I may be able to totally assist this person or as has been the case in several situations, I will take them to a point and then they must take the final steps themselves. It is all up to the spirits and the individual.

The longer the time frame involved, the more energy will be expended by the individual as they go through solving or confronting these situations they are being confronted with.

Once this event is over, the individual should stay in the resting position they are in, for as long as they need to, while getting back their strength. The people that were there as supporters should not talk. Let the individual start any conversation and answer only what was asked of you, do not add any other comments unless solicited by the individual.

I will be available for any questions after the individual has regained their strength and composer.

There are many spirits present when hands are laid on.