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How To Look At Healing...

As you can imagine, I have been asked by many people to help “heal” them. When I begin to tell them what it will take to start the process, they sometimes get very short with me as if I am to wave a magic wand and all things will be solved…

This is not the case. Let me try to explain the process on how healing works.

In order for healing to take place you MUST be willing to accept change…period. This change may be on a physical level and/or a spiritual level. The physical level may include but is not limited to: habits, dietary, living style, work and/or home environment. The spiritual level may include but is not limited to: your belief system, the ability to forgive others and/or yourself, your mind set on how to see all things on a daily basis, trust in non physical beings and things, etc.

No matter if you go to a medical doctor, a practitioner, or a native person. They will all want you to change something somehow. So if you are against change in any form then a “healing” will not take place…it simply can not happen.

You have certainly heard how people have been “cured” of some disease only to have a reoccurrence happen a short time later. This reoccurrence is as plain to see as the sunrise, for the person did not change all that is the cause of this “disease”…and until this complete change happens, they will never attain a “healing”.

Once a true and complete “healing” has taken place, then that person will not be confronted by the cause of this “disease” ever again.

In many of the people I have helped, probably 90% of the time, other people are involved to facilitate this change. Very seldom, are we the total cause of the reasons for our “diseases”.

The spirits have let me be a part of many wondrous things in their name. Yet I have also seen people just disregard my warnings and counsel and continue to pursue their lives as before they came to me. This will only work for a time and then the spirits will take control of those people again, in order to help them to learn their lessons in a positive way.

You have undoubtedly heard that the only constant is change…that is so. Change done in a positive way is very healthy. So before you waste anyone’s time about helping you or a loved one, please make sure those people asking for help are 100% ready to make a change…not 99%...but 100%.