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Offerings & Gifts

There have been many questions dealing with Gifting and Offerings, I will try to satisfactoraly address them here:jm

Is there a certain instance more than others where a gift or offering is required?

If you are requesting a person to use his/her abilities to aid you in some way, then a gift or offering is strongly suggested. This shows you have respect for this individual and his/her way.

Is there a minimum or maximum to be given?

No. You are to look into your heart and see what this request means to you. Remember I earlier said in like kind. What may not seem like very much from one person can mean a great deal from another.

You mentioned being specific in what is being asked.

Yes. For it is not only what you are asking for but how you are asking. What is the intent? What is the mind set? Is some one going to be put at a disadvantage by this request? Is this request going against another persons wishes? There are many things that the spirits are looking at when a request is made. I will say this often...make your request in a good way and it will usually be accepted.

Is there a specific way of presenting a gift?

Yes. Always remember to be humble. It is not the gift that is important, it is the respect shown by the presentation of this gift. When presenting the gift or offering, keep it low...not out in front of you as if you were presenting a tray of food. Look the person in the face while presenting this gift, but not to a point of staring. Put your hand out with the gift in it as if you were wanting to shake this persons hand. He/she will accept it and usually not look at it at that time. As you are presenting this gift or offering, explain to this person what this gift or offering is for. If the request may be quite lengthy then request that at your earliest convenience could we talk, I have a special request? This person will usually take time out right then but by asking this way you are showing repsect.

Should this gift be wrapped in something?

Not necessarily. Many smaller sized gifts are wrapped in red broad cloth. Red is a very sacred color to us and it also shows the person that you are trying to understand their ways.

What colors are used in offerings?

The major colors are: Yellow, Red, White, Blue and Green. Others may be used but these colors can be used many times in many ways.

.You have said that the spirits may decline the request. Why?

There are many reasons, almost to numerous to mention. In the past when a request has been declined there has been some sort of reason given. My question to you would be...if you asked your God to help you and it appears that He did not...would you chastise him and want to know why... or perhaps understand that there may be a greater reason and perhaps I need not know at this time what that reason is?
A Special Gift