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  The Power of . . .

I have been asked to write about the power of prayer, especially as it pertains to our lives (Native peoples). Once again I can only talk of this subject as it pertains to my people and the people I have come in contact with on my path. Let me first try to explain some of the words I may use.

Transmute – the most commonly used way I work with converting the spirits.

Banish – the most excessive way I use to work in removing the spirits, to be dealt with at a later time by the Creator.

Purity – when praying, we must never pray for ourselves (except to clear away unwanted or disturbing spirits so that we may help others). To make the prayers have the most impact upon what ever or whomever you are praying for, you must always pray for others – be selfless not selfish. If you are asking something in return or saying prayers with an expectation for receiving something back from those prayers, then you will not like what will come of your prayers.

Responsible spirits – when things are occurring to you or to the ones you have been asked to help, there are those spirits that are carrying out the work and then there are those spirits who are responsible for the actions of those spirits. By removing the spirits causing the action, you have only removed the ones of the “first wave” and more will follow. You must direct your attention to the ones responsible.

I have been asked “How often do I pray?” On an easy day with not many questionable spirits to work with, I may pray 40 to 50 times. On a busy day I will probably pray 300 or more times. There have also been periods where I have prayed all day every day for 7 days or more not stopping. I would fall a sleep praying and wake up the same way.

Be exact – when you are praying or being asked to pray for individuals, make your prayers as exact as you can, pertaining to what you want to take place. If you generalize your prayer, then the prayers will lose some of their powers. Think of your prayers as trying to hit a target, yes you can hit the target but you would like to hit the center of it.

Pray to spirit(s) – when you have been asked to pray for others, do not send your prayers to that specific person but instead to that person’s spirit. Sometimes the people asking for prayers do not really need the help they are asking for but just a little “nudge”. An uncle once told me “You must learn when to help and when not to – learn to balance compassion with wisdom.”

Timing – obviously, prayers can be said just about anytime. There are also some times that are more favorable than others. Times of the month, times of the year, ceremonies, and so on.

Prayers can be very strong so use them wisely as if you were handling a loaded weapon. For like a weapon, once the prayer has been sent…it can not be taken back and like anything else…All Choices Have Consequences...All of them!!!

If you have not prayed very much or perhaps for quite a while then when you say my prayer the spirits may not be able to act on it immediately, due to other not so good spirits trying to prevent you and your prayers from taking place. You may need to say the prayer over and over again, non stop, for 15 or 20 minutes or maybe even longer.

At some point you will sense something from the spirits. Movement of some kind. How the spirits will answer you is different with each of you. So you must understand how the spirits are “talking” to you. Perhaps by a feeling or a pressure or a sensation or words or picture…you must remain open to what they are trying to say.

When you have said your prayer and you are receiving and answer, you may have this answer continue for a while longer than it should. If this is the case then say “or please Creator banish those responsible spirits.” And you should feel an answer almost immediately.

The prayer I most often use, because I can make it specific for whatever the need is, is as follows:

Please Creator, take all of the spirits responsible for the negativity (put in the need here) and transmute those responsible spirits to provide positive acts of healing to others in this universe now. Thank you.

Should you have any questions, please email me...thank you

Respect all things...

Honor your ancestors